SEO Link Building Tactics You’re Probably Not Using But Should

Because internet marketing is continually changing, you are probably wondering if link building still matters for SEO in 2018. And the answer is yes, it absolutely does. Therefore, I’m going to give you some of the best link building tactics for 2016 and beyond to help jumpstart your marketing campaigns.


Study Your Top Competitors Backlinking Strategy

If you want to surpass your competitors in the search engines, you will need to see what backlinks they have then get those backlinks for your site as well. You will then need to get additional quality backlinks if you want to be seen as more relevant than your competitors in Google’s eyes. You can find your competitors backlinks by using one of the various backlink checkers online such as This is a paid service; however, they do allow you a limited number of free searches each day.

Use Infographics and Promote Them
People love visuals and an infographic fits the bill. An infographic gives people bite-sized pieces of information in an easy to read and digest format. Therefore, once you have your content, have an infographic made with the information. Then you can submit that infographic to an infographic submission site, or any of the many others that can be found online by performing this search: “inurl: submit infographic” without the quotes. You can create the unique content for the infographic using the free online paraphrase tool. After submission, you will need to promote your infographic by posting it periodically on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest and via email, etc.

Pinterest Is Like Marketing Gold
Pinterest is like marketing gold and can provide you with a wealth of backlinks and new customers as well. The first step is to search Pinterest using your keyword + infographic then select one of the related infographics and click through to its source. You will then need to copy the URL of that source page and put it into (mentioned above), note all the root domains linking to that page then email them informing them of your new infographic and how it’s better. Hopefully, they will link to it; however, there is a chance they might not. But all is not lost because you can then post your infographic to Pinterest where there is a great chance people will click on it and end up on your website and will probably “pin” it to their board for everyone to see. Pinterest is one of the best ways for getting your content to go viral.

Shopify for SEO and Marketing
Shopify is a fantastic platform for backlinking whether you are developing a traditional marketing campaign, mobile marketing campaign or a new SMS strategy. You can link your Shopify store to any given page on your website. And using Shopify will help you sell your products by targeting the users who are searching for any given query where they will then end up on your store. This will help make your website stronger in the search results if you implemented the right SEO marketing tactics when building it.