About Us

Ugg-boots.net is a website dedicated to Ugg boots. As you already know, Ugg boots used worldwide. The mission of uggs-boots.net is to provide every single detail about Ugg boots. We also want to correct the myth that Ugg is not the short name for “ugh”. If you don’t know the shape and structure of Ugg boots then don’t worry, Uggs-boots.net is going to cover everything about it in its blog series. Anyway, Ugg boots are made up of unisex sheepskin and fierce footwear, also known as Ugg Boots.

Ugg boots got popularity in the early 1960’s. The surfers used them and that’s something made Ugg boots famous. These boots solved a big problem of people who had no idea on how to deal with cold, numb and wet feets.
The real ownership of these incredible boots goes to Australia and New Zealand.

Both of them have considered that Ugg boots belong to them. However, more than 100 countries Ugg boots is a registered trademark which is an achievement in itself.

Anyhow, Uggs-boots.net is willing to fulfill its duty to provide every necessary information and updates on Ugg boots to the whole world. That’s our mission and we need you to make it a reality.